Annual Report

2013 Annual Report

For more than 150 years, independent Illinois colleges and universities have been providing the citizens of Illinois with access to quality higher education.

Today, over 200,000 are enrolled in independent Illinois colleges and universities. Not only do independent institutions enroll 25% of all collegiate students in Illinois, they also confer nearly one half of all bachelors, masters, professional and doctoral degrees.

Clearly, in terms of capacity alone, the state could not provide the citizens of Illinois with access to higher education without the independent sector. Capacity alone, however, does not adequately describe the independent sector’s contribution to Illinois’ higher education.

As this report clearly demonstrates, independent Illinois colleges and universities are an integral component in assuring that Illinois’ citizens have access to higher education, and the ability to choose from a diverse group of institutions. The state benefits from an educated citizenry, and policy makers increasingly are recognizing the return on investment of state funds, which represents a win-win for the students and the state.

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