Illinois College of Optometry

At Illinois College of Optometry, we have an unfailing commitment to excellence in optometric clinical education. Every student has access to outstanding professional faculty, unparalleled academic resources and hands-on clinical experience that begins in the very first year of study. For these reasons, our graduates are among the most successful in the nation. ICO’s location in a major urban area offers all students the opportunity to treat diverse ophthalmic conditions at the Illinois Eye Institute. By the time you graduate from ICO, you will have a strong academic and clinical foundation for whatever career path you take. We are very proud of our NBEO pass rates–exceeding 97 percent–and we continually hear from optometrists in the field who tell us ICO graduates are their top choice because of their excellent professional training.


Illinois College of Optometry
3241 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60616


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